Dirk Corstens regulary delivers workshops and courses about hearing voices and frequently collaborates with:
Marius Romme, emeritus professor in Social Psychiatry Maastricht University (NL) 
Sandra Escher, journalist and scientist (NL)   Eleanor Longden, psychologist, expert by experience (UK)   Rachel Waddingham, expert by experience (UK) Michel Knols, expert by experience (NL)   Suzanne Engelen, expert by experience (NL) Ron Coleman, accountant, expert by experience, Working to Recovery (UK) Karen Taylor, psychiatric nurse, Working to Recovery(UK) Rufus May, clinical psychologist, expert by experience (UK) Trevor Eyles, psychiatric nurse (UK/DK) Jacqui Dillon, expert by experience, chair of HVN England (UK) Wilma Boevink, scientist, expert by experience (NL) Peter Bullimore, entrepeneur, expert by experience (UK) Lien Boetje, voice dialogue facilitator (NL) Birgitte Bjerregaard Nielsen, psychiatric nurse (DK)