Welcome to my site!


This site is about hearing voices.

Together with collaborators I provide lectures, courses, group workshops and individual treatment regarding  hearing voices. I am involved in research project on the talking with voices approach. You will find on this website information about the 'Maastricht Approach' and the 'Talking with Voices' method. 

My work is inspired by Marius Romme and Sandra Escher,  who started to develop their ideas about hearing voices from the 80's and created a huge paradigm change considering accepting and dealing with hearing voices that appealed to many voice hearers and professionals in the world. As a member of Intervoice, the International Organization for Voice Hearers, I have acquainted many voice hearers whose stories are very inspiring and important for my work. 

I currently work for MET ggz, in Roermond, The Netherlands and I have a small private practice for people who I work with a long time. Hearing Voices Maastricht is also the name of my company (KvK 14104759). If you want to contract me for lectures or workshops you can contact me via e-mail: dirkcorstens@gmail.com